The Cabbage

The Cabbage

When you are in the rush here is an idea of a quick lunch/dinner/snack.  Took me 20 minutes to assemble.  

The Cabbage

Shred the cabbage. If you like your cabbage soft and juicy, first  salt it and squeeze in you hands for couple minutes. If you prefer the cabbage crunchy, then shred,  mix olive oil and pour the mixture in the bowl, mix. Sprinkle the salad with sesame seeds.Top it with lemon zest. Love it!

The Chicken 

Roast the chicken, or you can use leftovers,  separate meat from the bones and skin, tear it into small pieces. Cut celery sticks in small pieces and combine with chicken, dried  cherries, cultured sour cream and rosemary, mix well. Enjoy!

The Tomato

Wash, dry and cut your colorful  tomatoes and mix them with fresh parsley leaves. For me it's enough taste this way, but may be you'll like a sauce or seasoning of your taste :)

Sometimes, especially during the change of the season we need to give our bodies a chance to cleanse and and purge toxins. With all the environmental pollution, processed foods, emotional stress, toxic body-care products most of us are in desperate need for a detox.  By detoxing the liver and removing the toxins we preserve ourselves from serious  chronicle illnesses and weight gain.