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So who is a health coach? 

A Health Coach is a professional, certified guide and mentor who empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health and supports them in making sustainable lifestyle choices. Health Coaches do not prescribe one diet or one way of living, they just provide with the tools to leverage your health to a different level and make it as vibrant and optimal as possible

Health coaches help people develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for their bodies.  A person will eat 3 times a day, anyways, why not make it to our health advantage? The choice is always there and up to you. 

To make a real and sustainable change in your life takes an effort to change certain patterns of behavior. That includes emotion-thought process. Behavior changes  are most efficient with support, guidelines and accointability  Behind every successful person there is always a coach or a accountability partner or another sort of an advocate. 

Something might work great for one and become a remedy, however be a poison to another individual. Every person has to adapt custom made, personal wellness routine and menu to serve the best to his health needs and goals. To be vital, free and well, age gracefully you'll need to have a road map, a plan on how to get there. This is another illustration of what health coaches do. 

Some common areas where a Health Coach can assist include managing chronic, autoimmune decease, food cravings, weight management,  sleep, energy, digestion, stress, and time management. Food and lifestyle can be our medicine or a slow poison.  Changing a meal plan can literally do miracles in just a matter of days! If you want to upgrade the quality of your life you need a professional. Pills and doctor visits might have an effect in some acute cases or emergencies and for a brief period of time, everything else is managed by the right types of food and supplements, as well as other lifestyle changes.

Any health concern that you might have can be balanced out with certain combination of nutrients. 

  • Do you know what your body needs at the moment?
  • Why do you crave certain types of food?
  • How to manage symptoms of autoimmune disorder or chronic illness that brings your level of joy from life to a minimum?
  • What essential ingredients are you missing in your diet?
  • How to increase your energy level?
  • How to start a healthy sleeping routine?
  • How to organize a balanced meal plan for your child and what is essential for him at his age?
  • How to loose these last few pounds? 
  • Why wonder and stress about it?  

Health consultation with a health coach is confidential, non-judgmental, safe, supportive space to discuss anything you'd like to share and find a solution.




My clients come from different background, but one beautiful quality unites them all - proactive approach to life!

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