My story

My name is Masha Shidlovskaya.

I am founder of Ultra Vitality, a holistic system that approaches body and mind as one. 

My curiosity about health and well being  began early in my childhood.  I had problems with health that were getting worse and worse over the course of time.  Very soon I realized that traditional medical system do not work. There was something deeper that caused the distress. 

Traditional and alternative medicine are huge industries with billions of income for the government and companies involved and that requires massive successful marketing stradegies.  The most effective marketing move is a concept of a magical pill that will cure the decease.  This approach might work in some cases, however it is addressing the symptoms rather than the cause of the illness. It regards the human body as a a separate system of different parts that function like a machinery, whereas our body is whole and alive organism integrated in the universal laws. All our organs, emotions and thoughts are intimately interconnected within the  cell communication processes to support self regulating process every second. We have a different chemical reaction to every type  food so as to a thought and  emotion. 

Universal laws of nature are designed in the way that every thing has a function and a result depending on your actions. Knowing the correct  algorithms that is suited to an individuals situation is the key to heal and success. My mission is to educate you about your body and provide you with effective tools to make your body sustainable, vibrant and young! These simple rules are practical and functional and available to everyone in everyday life.  Everyone have an absolute right to be healthy and happy!

I always felt that there is a natural mechanics in healing. We are integral part of the world and live by the same rules of universe. By adjusting all aspects - body, mind, spirit we can be whole, healthy and happy, living every day to our full endless potential. 

After completing Master degree in law in Moscow State University  with a masters in Business law, having a background in psychology and family counseling in Moscow, Russia I attended Novosibirsk State University to learn more about holistic healing methods. My children were born and had some health issues as well. That made me keep searching for answers even more. When I  moved to US,  continued my education in health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

IIN gave me exactly what I needed to regain control of my own health and the health of my family. 

Education in IIN has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, more than a 100 of dietary theories, health coaching and preventative health.  My teachers were Dr Walter Willett, Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University, Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Davis Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, Dr. Deepack Chopra mind and body guru and many others.  

Based on this knowledge,  nutrition and lifestyle changes I was able to grant my family the biggest gift of all - holistic health! It is my mission to keep sharing this gift with clients. Now i’m certified and internationally accredited (IAHC) health coach I'm thrilled to accompany you to your dream state of wellness!

I believe in the uniqueness of individuals and maximizing it by increasing their vitality, energy and zest for life. Our work will be based on knowledge that our body, mind and emotions are tightly interconnected. We work on conscious and subconscious transformation, removing roadblocks and reframe the mindset. Recognizing ones purpose, spirituality and focus on creating inner peace and healthy inner  energy to pursue all possible personal goals.

My mission is to guide you to your highest health potential through nutritional guidance. I will  evaluate your health problem and accompany  you through your transformation by helping you to manage the obstacles on your way.  I will educate you on what to eat and why according to bio-individual and anti-aging principles.  Using powerful methods of personal transformation I will support, empower and inspire you in every step of your journey. 

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy regime whether your goal is to loose or to gain a few pounds or  to create fit, flexible and responsive body, I’ll  help you to create individual comfortable program suitable for your unique needs and abilities.

 My approach is to improve the relationships with food, synchronize the mind and body, change the quality of life and maximize your goals.

Step into your dreams with me!