Weight Management

Weight Management

Under close supervision, this program emphasizes strategies for long-term weight loss success and lifestyle changes. Offering intensive treatment for people who have difficulty controlling their weight, the program also provides education in the areas of nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleeping hygiene and other health and wellness advise.

This program will teach you how to lose weight, detox your body, improve digestive health, regulate blood sugar and metabolism, and keep the weight off forever. One of the main emphasis in this program is our mindset. Have you ever wondered why this person is skinny and able to keep the weight off another suffers with excess weight,  the reason for that is not just in biology and chemistry, however in the mindset as well.

This Program works with clients to provide education on how proper nutrition, mindset and physical activity work together to keep weight off, in addition to teaching skills and habits necessary to maintain a medically sound weight. Weight loss is just the first step in weight and inflammatory decease management.  After achieving the desired weight loss, I will remain available to support and help clients maintain long-term success.


Program Details:

  • coaching, support, accountability;
  • lifestyle recommendations;
  • healthy recipes;
  • education on body functions and  weight gain reasons;
  • personalized and simple exercise solutions;
  • relaxation techniques;
  • individual wellness routine;
  • detoxification options;
  • Juicing recipes as an added bonus!

How it works:

  • online purchase;
  • initial one-hour consultation via phone, Skype, or in person;
  • a personal health evaluation and recommendations will be provide after consultation;
  • full time support throughout the program;
  • e-mail support;
  • resources online.

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