Single services

Single services

«Super Shot»

One-on-one coaching session for clients who need occasional support, or follow up coaching after completing a program.

«Feed Me»

This session is created as a cooking class in your home. We will make a variety of dishes to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones. I'll share some practical tips that you can use everyday to simplify and enhance your cooking strategies.

«Clean-Up Time»

Another house session; we refresh, clean and substitute your kitchen food with healthier options for you and your family. We will discuss supplements and your health history. I will provide you with several cooking tips and recipes.  

«Personal Shopper»

We will shop together as I walk you through the grocery store, providing detailed explanations of what foods are healthy, and why certain foods are better left on the shelf. I will teach you how to read labels, and how to correctly combine foods in order to conveniently, and quickly, prepare a healthy meal at home.


Kids parties

If you'd like a fun, creative and healthy event for your child, we cater straight to the party. Our meals are gluten, diary and sugar free or can be upon request. They are all "kids approved" and decorated in a amusing, fun manner. We discuss the menu in detail, providing you with 3-4 menu options. Our team of professionals create menu based on nutritional advise of a health coach.

Events/ Catering

If you want your party to be on the edge of tend and unique creating an individual healthy, balanced, nutritious menu can be a solution.

Any party is even more attractive if the food is balanced and healthy. We create a menu for a special occasion that satisfies your taste and sight,  made from real, whole and clean food.  Your party can become completely guilt free with a variety of sugar free, gluten free deserts to enjoy. 

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