Healthy Family Lifestyle

Healthy Family Lifestyle

If you want to achieve your goal in becoming a healthier and happier person, bring up a healthy well developed child and aim for profound and long lasting results for all members of your family, this is the program to choose.

Food is a powerful tool that is forming your child’s health and future prosperity. Family lifestyle implemented in childhood impacts  immune response to fight disease, future health status, emotional and personal abilities and mindset. Education on nutrition and self care is missing form the school and college programs leaving it completely up to family.  

With this program you’ll get all the principles of a healthy lifestyle that you need in order to manage your family everyday life without hassle and confusion.

You will no longer have to stress out on how to organize your family meal plan so it can be nutritious and well balanced, easy to prepare and suitable for needs of growing body. This program provides a customized plan covering nutrition, daily self care routine, cooking, and much more!

Program Details:

  • Nutrition education;
  • Groups of food (protein, carbohydrates, fats);
  • Proper combination and proportion;
  • Cooking basics, ways to cook;
  • Basic principles of how and where to choose healthy foods;
  • Eating suggestions based on health personal health evaluation and metabolic profile;
  • Customized shopping lists and menus for family meals;
  • Shopping list and menus for your child bio-individual need, school lunch suggestions and ideas;
  • Liquid intake, healthy alternatives to common drinks, healthy options and recipes;
  • Hidden toxic ingredients and controversial ingredients;
  • Correlation between food and psychology;
  • Stress management techniques - create balance in life, food, career/school, relationship;
  • Basics of breathing techniques as an effective tool in stress management, decease curing and prevention;
  • Education on self care routine, creating it individually for every family member.


Upon completion of the program your kids will learn:

  • What types of food are essential for the formation of their bodies;
  • What is healthy, real, whole, fresh and tasty food;
  • How junk food damages our bodies;
  • How food  affects cognitive and emotional abilities;
  • How a lifestyle can be a vehicle to get to our dreams;
  • Basic of cooking.


What you will take away?

  • What are essential components of the child’s/adult every day meal plan;
  • Special meal plan for athlete child, autistic, ADHD, weight loss or upon request;
  • Creative and fun ways to get a picky eater to get the nutrients he needs;
  • Tasty, healthy options to the junk food;
  • Self care routine for everyone in the family to fit your unique daily and weekly schedule;
  • Individually created family meal plan with shopping list;
  • 101 on how the body functions and role of different foods in your health;
  • Basics of  environmental safety regulations at your house, toxicity;
  • Health and wellness related goal setting for the family;
  • Family cooking class.

How it works:

  • Online purchase;
  • Filling out health questionnaire;
  • Meeting with your family or kids at your place;
  • Discussing your health concerns or goals;
  • Educational hands on activities/experiments with kids;
  • Family cooking demo;
  • Providing you with resources and useful handouts, tips;
  • Putting together a personalized plan of action for your family;
  • Answering your questions, providing with tools to overpass roadblocks;
  • Health coaching session;
  • E-mail/telephone support upon completion of the program.

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