A complete  Guide to Healthy lifestyle

A complete  Guide to Healthy lifestyle

How much should I be eating? Do I really need to exercise? Find the answers to these questions and other food, body, and health questions in this program designed for understanding the fundamentals of good nutrition and its partner for optimum health--physical activity. Healthy eating can be a habit and good habits started earlier in life are easier to maintain. Good nutrition and physical activity complement each other in weight loss, cardiovascular health, and other benefits. This program provides the advice you need on how to get the most out of what you eat and how to develop healthier habits that will help keep you fit for a lifetime.

Most people don't need to resort to special diets or programs; they just need to know how to make sensible choices. Definitions of good nutrition, discussions of how the food you eat affects the way you feel and perform, and information on how to use readily available tools, are just some of the factors provided to help people develop healthy habits. This program will teach you how to make healthy choices in grocery stores, how to set up a kitchen of your own, and how to keep your food safe, all factors involved in helping you to stay healthy for peak performance in whatever you choose to do.

This program is comprehensive and individually tailored to suit your needs. You will never again feel confused or helpless when facing different health and dietary theories. This program will create a personal "health routine" for you to implement in everyday life that will gradually changes your habits and life for the better.

Program Details:

  • Health History Questionnaire/Form;
  • 1.5 hour first consultation;
  • 11 coaching sessions (1 hour - every other week);
  • 20 minute status call every other week;
  • Bio-individual meal plan designed to meet your goals;
  • Discussion on different types of foods and their nutritious value;
  • Addressing potential health concerns;
  • Articles, useful information, resources, recipes;
  • Samples of healthy foods and supplements;
  • Techniques to control cravings and/or addictions;
  • Relaxation techniques;
  • Exercises and useful tools to remove obstacles on your path to well being;
  • E-mail support in between sessions is unlimited.


 6 month period

  • Available for group sessions for half price;
  • This program is also available in half length - half price.

Price - TBD

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