Principles Ethics

Your safety is a number one priority

The methods and approaches that UltraVitality uses are safe and based on approved and drug-free methods and cutting edge scientific research. Personal professional experience allows to implement only highly efficient approaches. Health can not be treated with questionable experiments and doubtful solutions or risky recommendations.  Only natural and safe ways are used implementing the program.

Food and emotion have functions

Universal laws of nature are designed in the way that every thing has a function and a result depending on your actions. Knowing the correct  algorithms that is suited to an individuals situation is the key to heal and health success. We have a choice always. We all would eat 3 times a day and think all day long, different chemical reaction occur to each of these actions.  Lets make the choice to our advantage and choose only the best for our benefit!  

All our body organs, emotions and thoughts are intimately interconnected within the  cell communication processes to support self regulating process every second. Not knowing the laws does not exclude us from their consequences. 

Natural, happy approach

The point is not to create  a list of restriction and dividing  food into good or bad groups, instead emphasize on creating a happy, fulfilling life in flexible and very comfortable pace. Ultravitality never restricts you, instead gives a variety of limitless healthy options where it is up to you to choose what is best in given circumstances.  By meeting  a client at where they are and work with them in achieving healthy and deeper relationship with food, developing lifestyle choices, maximizing energy, calming the nervous system and implementing lasting changes that improve quality of life. Collaborating  actively together we create  a systematic approach that allows us to eliminate the roadblocks whatever they might be - self esteem, emotions around food, time and busy schedule, self love and care leaving with an inner ability to control inner temptations. Gradually and naturally  reframe the mindset on  conscious and subconscious level for a healthy lifestyle.

Bio individual approach

This concept comes from understanding that every person is unique with it's personal needs must be heard and nourished to get the zest for life!  Each one of us has a different ancestral background and genes, specific circumstances in this particular  time of our lives, we have different  predispositions and values. What works for one person might harm the other. We use personalized approach to all of our dear clients.

Children would need to get a parent or legal guardian authorization form prior to the consultation.

Food combination, quantity and quality

We believe that combination of different food groups do matter.

It is a key point especially when we are regulating some of the health issues and it becomes an important tool.

Depending on your age, gender and health concerns we all need different amounts and portions.

Quality of the foods you digest in curtail - "you are what you eat" It should be

natural, whole, local, organic, fresh food, water. Free from all sorts of toxins, pesticides, herbicides, GMO, antibiotics, hormones and other chemical and artificial ingredients, flavorings, colors.

Holistic approach

My mission is to educate you about your body and provide you with effective tools to make your body sustainable, vibrant and young! This will include all areas of your life, not only food and exercise, stress relief techniques, however the primary food as well. Primary food is the healthy relationship, fulfilling career, regular physical activity, spiritual awareness, friendship and support, all our essential forms of soul nourishment. When it is balanced our need in food and ways we satisfy or need to eat becomes secondary. Food becomes a natural way to support you on a physical level in achieving your potential and living an inspired, energized life!

Confidentiality and safe space

Confidentiality  and trust is important to us.  We keep all information exchanged between us during the Program confidential. We will not disclose any information that you share with me during the Program to anyone else unless: (1) they have a legitimate reason to know such information as a member of our team or staff, (2) when required by law, or (3) you have given us prior written permission.

Ultravitality deeply respects personal and physical boundaries and provides safe, secure, non-judgemental space to discuss the celebrations, concerns and obstacles. We foster ongoing mutual respect and trust by creating supportive space with genuine concern for your welfare and future.

Smart goals

There is a couple of characteristics that promise the end result when setting a goal. They should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-sensitive. Following these rules protects from extremes and keeps all results tangible and real. However we use techniques to stretch some parts of an objective to pursue the expectations of a maximized vision.

Keeping the results forever to yourself

Behavioral change that comes with new healthy habits and healthy mindset assures you a lasting changes. The only way to change your life once and forever is to shift your mindset.

Synchronize the mind and body and step into your dreams with me!